Neutrazen - Series for peptide therapy

Neutrazen line cosmetics are made using unique nanocomponents that allow you to create drugs that penetrate the deep epidermal layers of the skin and repair impaired mechanisms. Neutrazen cosmetics helps to make age-related changes less noticeable. It consists of peptide complexes, fruit acids,
retinol. During the use of Neutrazen preparations, the synthesis of those substances that are lacking in tissues is activated. Peptide complexes have the ability to transfer information to cells, to launch regeneration processes, which leads to a lifting and self-healing effect.
Acids carefully but effectively renew cells
ridding the skin of a thick layer of dead epidermis and enhancing metabolic processes, leveling the relief and making certain skin defects imperceptible. Due to their nature, nanocomponents (Vit. A, E, C, etc.) are able to penetrate deeply, enhancing the actions of peptides and acids,
thereby actively resisting the effects of natural chronological (age-related) aging.

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