Нощен лакто крем L

for beauty salons: (10123) 250 ml
for clients: (10124) 50 ml

Neutrazen L

Effect: An exfoliating cream with restoration, nourishment and protection effects. This product notably tightens the skin and brightens it. The cream activates epidermis cells renewal, improves microcirculation, speeds up Glycosaminoglycans and collagen synthesis in the skin, moisturises the deep layers of the skin, improves the protective function of the lipid layer of the skin due to increased synthesis of Retinyl Linoleate containing ceramides. It boosts the regeneration capability of the cells. Aloe Vera acts to further moisturise and calm the skin, increases its resistance to the environmental influences. The cream exerts a deep moisturising action.

Ingredients: Collagen, Lactic ACID, Glycolic ACID, Aloe Vera extract. Urea, Neutrazen, Retinyl palmitate. Vitamin A.

Instructions for use: apply onto the facial skin, the neck and the decolletage area, following the use of the serum Neutrazen R. begin by using twice a week, then – as recommended by a specialist. Using a moisturising sun protection cream with a minimum SPF of 15 is a must.

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