CLA - A series of peelings with lime caviar extract

The basis of the CLA line laid a new unique combination of components that affect the processes of renewal, peeling of the skin. Combinations of fruit acids, enzymes, lime caviar extract made it possible to create safe, highly effective, universal peels. Principles of easy exfoliation, controllability of the peeling process,
a simple “exit from the peeling” in the post-peeling period gives the beautician confidence in the procedure. Peels give pronounced effects when correcting light and lasting pigmentation, various conditions of problematic skin, reduction of turgor, loss of elasticity, uneven skin color, uneven relief, hyperkeratosis, scarring, pigmentation,
the procedure of rejuvenation The action of the extract of “caviar of lime” is similar to the action of AHA acids: it is aimed at gently stimulating the renewal of skin cells with a new innovative mechanism of action. With the help of modern developments, Onmakabim has also created products with retinol.
Thanks to a combination of several retinoids, new drugs have a pronounced effect on hyperpigmentation, fine and medium wrinkles, dry skin, and acne.

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