Retinol Peeling CLA Ретиноиден пилинг. (I фаза

for beauty salons: (10336) 10 ml

Retinol Peeling CLA (I fase)

Effect: the action of this peel consists of powerful skin stimulation. A unique concentration of carefully chosen active ingredients boosts the ability of retinol to penetrate the skin and increases it bio-availability. Retinol (Vitamin A) exerts a clinically proven effect in cases of hyperpigmentation, boosting and speeding up the restoration of epidermis cells. As the speed of keratinocytes maturing speeds up, the time of melanocytes contact with them is reduces, which in turn lowers the melanosomes to keratinocytes transfer (the intensity of keratinocytes colouration.) As a result, a fast and obvious brightening of hyper-pigmented areas takes places. It affects the fine and average-depth wrinkles and reduces their visibility. First and foremost, that occurs as a result of the improved ability of the epidermis to hold water, due to the stimulation of Glycosaminoglycans synthesis, TGF-3 (Transforming growth factor beta) synthesis, and pro­collagen synthesis, which in turn boosts collagen synthesis. It reduces skin dryness by speeding up epidermal renewal. The retinoic acid binds with the retinoid cell receptors, which boosts the expression of the specific genes, thus decreasing the fermentative activity of the alpha- reductase, which is the main ferment responsible for chronic skin inflammation, and reduces the sebum production fast.

Ingredients: lactic acid, Glycolic acid. Retinol 4%, Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica) extract. pH=3,5

Instructions for use: in accordance with the procedures protocols. For professional use only. Do not use in periods of active sun!

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