Почистващ гел-скраб с тройно действие за суха, нормална и чувствителна кожа

for customers: (10452) 150 ml

Triple action cleansing gel scrub for dry, normal and sensitive skin

Effect: The unsulfate cleansing gel contains special spheres derived from jojoba wax. Fruit acids wrapped in a special lamellar wrapper for more delicate skin care cleans and stimulates it, helps make a delicate make-up remover, deeply renews, providing unrivaled smoothness to the skin of the face and neck
. Gel-scrub gives the skin a fresh look. There is a delicate peeling effect. Improves the structure of the epidermis, softly and delicately stimulates skin renewal.

Ingredients: complex of surfactants, glycolic, lactic, citric acids, jojoba wax.

Application: Make foam with a small amount of gel in your palms with water. Gently massage the skin, rinse with water. Recommended for daily use in the morning and evening.

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