Гел-скраб с луфа

for customers: (10451) 150 ml

Gloss Scrub with Loofah (for oily and problematic skin)

Effect: A non-sulphated, mild cleansing gel for the facial skin that has increased secretion of fat, combining special loop structures. The gel is specially formulated for delicate cleaning, removing excess fat and dead cells. The vegetable fiber of the loaf, in the form of small exfoliating particles, carefully,
but deeply, cleanse the pores, increase the tone, promote the best penetration of oxygen into the skin cells, which, in turn, improves its texture and gives it a healthy and fresh hue. The natural lump fibers, which have intrinsic micromassage properties, gently exfoliate the skin by effectively removing dead cells,
and prepare the skin for moistening. The gel improves the texture of the skin and gives it a clean, fresh look without drying it. Delicate exfoliant that does not damage or irritate the skin.

Ingredients: complex of delicate surfactants (surfactants), loaf, glycerin, barbed cesalpine polymers, lime extract.

Application: Apply on moist skin, gently massage and rinse well with water. Suitable for daily use in the morning and in the evening.

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