cream spf 50 white

for customers: (10467) 80 ml

SPF-50 Protective hybrid cream Light

System Plus Hybrid Defense Moisturizing Cream Make Up

• has a weightless texture;

• moisturizes and softens;

• restores the barrier function;

• supports tissue regeneration;

• prevents inflammatory processes;

• multifunctional;

• contains a combination of next-generation chemical and physical sun protection filters for a highly effective photoprotection;
• absolutely non-comedogenic;

• has a pronounced antioxidant effect and neutralizes the consequences of exposure to UV radiation.

Available in three versions:

  • colorless
  • with a mild tint
  • a shade darker

Contents: UVA/UVB filter complex, Immortelle oil, Aloe extract, allantoin, Vitamin E, lecithin, fat- and water-soluble stable Vitamin С.

Application: apply the required quantity of the product on skin 30 minutes before heading out, re-apply in case of prolonged sun exposure.

The cream’s lightweight formula is recommended for daily use.

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