Почистваща пяна за мазна и проблемна кожа

for customers: (10449) 150 ml

Cleansing foam for oily and problematic skin

Effect: Effective and gentle cleansing foam for oily and problematic skin contains balanced ingredients to moisturize oily skin. The foam cleans the pores thoroughly, removes excess fat and balances the sebum secretion. The daily use of cleansing foam will give the skin a fresh, fresh look without drying it. The extract of buchu,
thanks to the synergistic action of its main components (saponins and flavonoids), is an active vegan, removes puffiness, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The extract of incense has a curative and regenerating effect, phytic acid – a soft and delicate keratolytic.

Ingredients: complex of mild washing components, phytic acid,
extract of incense, mountain bush extract (barosma).

Application: With a small amount of foam, gently massage the moisturized skin. Recommended for daily use in the morning and evening. (For men – used as an alternative to shaving foam).

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