Лакто подхранваща маска STcells

for beauty salons: (10292) 200 ml
for customers: (10305) 15 ml

ST cells Lacto Nourishing Mask

Effect: this mask is based upon cheese ferments from the choicest goats cheese. This allows for the skin to receive maximum saturation with minerals and nourishing molecules, such as Phosphorus, Selenium and Magnesium. When combined with other ingredients of the mask, the final result is a fully-balanced construction material, which assists a deep renewal, protection and satiation of the skin cells. The amount of wrinkles is reduces already after the first use, the face looks healthy, shiny and the skin itself appears more smooth and elastic. When used regularly in  accordance with the recommendations, the ageing processes are slowed down considerably, and the damaged tissues are healed by the fast epidermis regeneration. The lips and skin remain moist for an extended period of time, the lifting effect is pronounced. The epidermal differentiation is  restored, collagen production is stimulated. This product lowers tyrosinase activity and blocks melanin synthesis, which prevents formation of new perpigmentation spots, and allows to mask the old ones. The facial complexion becomes more even, dullness and paleness disappear.

Canada goldenrod (Solidago Canadensis), which is included in this product, is rich in flavonoids, phenol glycosides and acids, ensures heightened restoring and vulnerary properties of the mask.

Ingredients: lactic acid ferments, Albumin, Canada goldenrod (Solidago Canadensis), Oligo­peptide -68, amino acids, Grapevine (Vitis spp.) stem cells.

Instructions for use: apply the mask twice a week before sleep or as a last-minute treatment before an important event. May be used for cosmetic treatments in a treatment room. The time of mask application is 10-15 minutes, then it is to be rinsed off with water. Apply a moisturising cream.

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