for cosmetic salons: (10397) 50 ml

Restor Booster

Effect:  The booster enhances the healing, renewing and healing effects of the procedures. It affects the thickness of the skin, improves microcirculation and capillary blood flow. Recommended for sensitive, damaged skin. It acts like retinoids, increases the expression of the CD44 receptor in keratinocytes, is responsible for the fixation of hyaluronic acid, increases the activity of collagen IV (COL4A2 gene), and affects skin firmness and elasticity. Qualitatively affects the restoration of the hydro-lipid mantle, a decrease in transepidermal water loss, suppression of protein expression (SPRP), which affect the process of keratinization (increasing with age). Wrinkles are distinguished, both small and small wrinkled aging are visible. It has a calming effect on the skin: it inhibits the connection between the epidermis and nerve endings using the modules of the level of sensory receptors (TRPV1) and instant messengers. It stimulates the synthesis – these are the components of the epidermis (ceramics, occludin and hyaluronic acid).

Ingredients: coconut poria extract, yalapa mirabilis extract, plantain extract.

Instructions for use: prof. cabinets – according to the protocols of the procedures: as an active additive in anti-age procedures, in microneedle therapy. Also recommended as an active supplement in night cream.

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