for cosmetic salons: (10395) 50 ml

Peptide complex Booster

Effect: a high concentration of biomimetic peptides and muscle relaxants secrete a booster as an active tool for the correction of facial wrinkles. Thanks to a special peptide delivery system, the assets penetrate directly to the target cells and block the formation of the SNARE complex (responsible for muscle contraction). Stimulates the production of type VII collagen, increases the production of fibronectin and laminin. Promotes the proper formation (assembly) of collagen fibers in the skin. It fights against signs and processes of skin aging, increases collagen levels by inhibiting MMP-1 and the enzyme elastase, restores skin elasticity, improves skin color, is very effective as a photoprotector, protects the skin from internal aging processes, prevents skin sagging, tightens and tightens the structure skin.

Ingredients: trifluroacetyl tripeptide-2, caproyl tetrapeptide-3, palmitol hexapeptide-52, palmitol hexapeptide-18.

Instructions for use: prof. cabinets – according to the protocols of the procedures: as an active additive in anti-age procedures, in microneedle therapy. Also recommended as an active supplement in night cream.

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