Разтвор на млечна киселина L.S.

for cosmetic salons: (10132) 30 ml

Lactic acid solution L.S.

Effect: this product is natural and biologically safe, as it participates in the carbohydrate metabolism in the human body, as well as being a compound in the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin. The product is used for amplifying the effect of peels, masks and creams, for achieving a more pronounced lifting effect. Lactic acid activates epidermis cell renewal, improves microcirculation, assists the speeding of Glycosaminoglycans and collagen synthesis in the dermis. Due to deep moisturising of the skin, it is able to boost the lipid barrier function via upgrading the synthesis of linoleate-containing ceramides. It has a powerful hydrating effect. This booster achieves a lifting effect thanks to cell proliferation and fibroblasts activity stimulation. It is ideally suited for extra-sensitive skin, which is prone to dryness.

Ingredients: Lactic acid 45%.

Instructions for use: add 3-10 drops for boosting the effects of peels, masks or creams. Special training is required. Does not have seasonal contra-indications. pH 1,9.

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