White Peeling 365 CLA Пилинг за кожа с пигментация, anti-age ефект

for beauty salons: (10334) 50 ml

White Peeling 365 CLA Skin peeling with pigmentation, anti-age effect

Effect: this peel has a pronounced effect on hyperpigmentation, successfully combats the “old” pigmentation spots and prevents the formation of new ones. It suppresses DNA and RNA synthesis in melanocytes, inhibits tyrosinease, so the areas with normal pigmentation are not whitened. It may be successfully used for melasma, stagnant hyperpigmentation spots resulting from acne, traumatic pigmentation caused by physical trauma to the skin, caused by burns or inflammation processes in the skin. It blocks melanin synthesis in the skin, and suppresses the activity of abnormal melanocytes, which cause hyperpigmentation. It has anti-oxidant properties.

Improves the appearance of post-acne skin. Does not cause a strong irritating effect on the skin.

May be used all year around.

Ingredients: Azeloglycine, Lactic acid, Phytic acid, Glycolic acid, Arbutine, Kojic acid, Lime extract (The Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica), 22%, pH = 3,5.

Instructions for use: in accordance with the procedures protocols. For professional use only.

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