Ретиноев концентрат R.S.

for beauty salons: (10133) 50 ml
for beauty salons: 10 ml

R.S. Solution

Effect: Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) stimulates cell proliferation (thickening of the dermis layer), improves the barrier function and skin elasticity, reduces the risk of photo-damage.

It is effective as an anti-oxidant and cell metabolism regulator. It is a powerful anti-ageing compound, it assist skin cells regeneration, activates collagen synthesis in the epithelium, and reduces the signs of ageing. It is also used for removing hyperkeratosis, in particular – for follicular keratosis and skin defects, such as scars and post-acne.

Ingredients: Squalene, Retinyl Palmitate (of Vitamin A – Retinol), Vitamin E, ubiquinone (Q10).

Instructions for use: is used for amplifying the effects of masks, peels in cases of all forms of acne, hyperpigmentation, in anti-ageing procedures. Does not have seasonal contra­indications.

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