Пилинг ТСА 15% / 25%

for beauty salons: 15% (10237) 30 ml
for beauty salons: 25% (10237) 30 ml

Peeling TCA 15% / 25%

Effect: the TCA peel action mechanism is based on coagulation of the protein structures of the epidermis, destruction and removal of the damaged skin cells, stimulation of increased cell division of the basal layer, forming young cells with an even distribution of melanin. The effects of TCA Peel varies, depending on the depth of administration. As this peel based on Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), its application is a serious cosmetic procedure.

TCA-Peel is indicated in cases of:

Uneven skin surface Hyperkeratosis

Fine net of wrinkles and middle-depth wrinkles due to photo-ageing.

Post-acne scarring Hyperpigmentation Melasma

Oily acne-prone skin Congested spots due to acne Dull complexion Skin that has lost its elasticity Stretch marks Dilated pores

Ingredients: TCA – Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) -15% or 25% pH = 1,7

Instructions for use: in accordance with the treatment protocols. The product is for professional use only.

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