Комплект пилинги S.С.P.

Giving a set of ONmacabim Peels

Set of peels S.C.P. 5 pieces of 10 ml

Great opportunity to start working with peaches ONmacabim.
The set is carefully selected by specialists. It is the most economical and convenient.

The kit contains:
▪LS solution (45% lactic acid)
▪RRS solution (retinal concentrate)
▪️PMT Anti Age (composition:
phytic acid – 20%,
glycolic acid-
mandelic acid-1.0%,
salicylic acid-2.0%,
0.0 & gt; 2.0% & lt; / RTI & gt;)
▪️C.LR. (Jessner’s peeling)
▪STB solution (70% glycolic acid)

The preparations are used as a self-adhesive (except glycolic acid) and for strengthening peels, masks and creams.

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