Micro Aqua

for beauty salons: (10425) 10 ml
for beauty salons: (10426) 50 ml

Micro Aqua

Effect: a unique combination of cutting-edge low molecular weight technologies provides this cocktail with powerful anti-ageing abilities. This product is hypoallergenic, it is composed of purified hyaluronic acid with a special transport system. It keeps the “water reservoirs” within the skin as well as on its surface. It also preserves the main characteristics of the young and healthy skin: elasticity, springiness, tone. It counteracts trans epidermal water loss. Its sui generis transport system allows the skin to encapsulate the hyaluronic acid and ensures controlled release via nano-diffusion into the skin, which allows for the active ingredients to penetrate not only the stratum corneum, but also the deeper layers of the skin. It amplifies the active ingredients’ efficiency, as well as their bio-availability and absorbability.

Ingredients: Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, Lecitin, Laminaria extract, Diatomite.

Instructions: Use as an independent product or in synergy with other products in fine-needle Mesotherapy, Electroporation and machine cosmetology procedures.

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