Подаръчен комплект ONmacabim Vitamin C
Подаръчен комплект ONmacabim Vitamin C

Gift set ONmacabim Vitamin C

The kit includes:

moisturizer with vit.sf spf-15 – 50ml
lifting cream with vit.s – 50ml
serum with vit.s – 15ml

Vitamin “Youth and Health” slows down the aging process, improves metabolism in the skin cells, strengthens capillaries, participates in the regulation of redox processes,
normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands and regulates the mechanisms of photoaging.

The unique formulas of the VC line products are enriched with meadow borage, grape seed oil, rosehip extract, sea chitosan and a complex of vitamins. The result of using VC products is noticeable immediately after the first use: the skin shines with health,
gets additional elasticity, an equal and light shade.

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