Хидратиращ (загряващ) гел

for cosmetic salons: (10293) 250 ml

Hydrating (heating) gel

Effect: the gel is intended for improvement of cosmetic cleansing. Exerts a cleansing, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory action. Stimulates micro-circulation. Assists in dispersing engorgement, softens comedones, dilutes sebum, eases cosmetic cleansing and improves metabolism. Dries up inflammation. Boosts regeneration processes. Speeds the active ingredients transport, exerts a weak keratolytic effect. Balances the sebum glands activity. Boosts the diffusion of closed comedones.

Ingredients: Althae officinalis., Rosemary (Rosmarimus) officinalis extract, Olive oil, Lactic acid, Acetyl-Salicylic acid, Dead Sea minerals, Menthol, Oils of: Camphor, Lavender, Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Rosemary.

Instructions for use: in accordance with the treatments protocols.

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