Почистващ тоник за мазна и проблемна кожа

for beauty salons: (10003) 1000 ml
for beauty salons: (10269) 500 ml
for customers: (10004) 250 ml

Cleansing tonic for oily and problematic skin

Effect: regular use of this toning lotion on acne-prone skin allows you to counteract inflammatory elements and irritation and calm the skin. It is ideally suited for oily and problematic skin for completing the cleansing process, keeps the natural pH of the skin, which preserves the natural immunity of the skin by preventing bacterial overgrowth. The toning lotion saturates the skin with micro- and macro elements. Due to a special combination of natural ingredients, the toning lotion works as a powerful antiseptic agent, normalizes the pores size, removes excess sebum, tones the skin and maintains the fluid balance of the skin.

Contains: Ethyl alcohol, Saponaria officinalis extract, Etrog (Citrus medica) extract, Acetyl-salicylic acid, Camphor, Citric acid, Allantoin, Eucalyptus oil, Triclosan, Juniperus fruc. oil, Mentha spp. and Lavendula spp. essential oils.

Instructions for use: Apply daily on the facial skin with a cosmetic cotton wool disc, after washing the face with the cleansing gel from the same range, in the morning and evening.

Synergy: for cosmetologists only: for increasing the antiseptic power of the lotion, it is recommended to add the CI-1+RS+DM3 solution.

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