Вълшебен гел Magic gel

for beauty salons: (10432) 1000 ml
for beauty salons: (10403) 500 ml

Magic gel

Effect: this gel has been created out of unique red algae, which carry an exclusive combination of amino-acids, vitamins, micro- and macro-elements, which prevent inflammations, boost the anti­stress activity, assist relaxation. It softens, tones and calms the skin. The gel assists regeneration on the cell level, helps combat peeling, relieves dryness and the sense of pulling, it is efficient against inflammation, helps moisturise and restore the skin.

Ingredients: hydro-gel made from Gracilaraia algae.

Instructions for use: its use is universal. It is suitable for use as a base gel for any machine treatment. It could also be used instead of a massage carrier oil, adding 1-1,5 ml R.S. (Vitamin A) It is also recommended as a base for creating individual serums.

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