атоплящо масло за масаж на тялото Cellu Fix Oil

for cosmetic salons: (10412) 1000 ml
for beauty salons: (10411) 500 ml

Cellu Fix Gel

Effect: thegelheatstheskin, boosts circulation and toxins extrusion. It reduces water retention, slows down the formation of new fat deposits. It boosts lipolysis, causing an insignificant skin heating. It assists water extrusion, helping reduce the expressions of cellulite. It acts as an intermediary for transdermal penetration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It restores skin homeostasis and normalises the water balance in the skin, thereby restoring the correct skin tone. It tones the skin, exerts a tightening effect, making the skin elastic and smooth. Heating may assist the spread of active ingredients.

Ingredients: Extracts of: Fucus, Laminaria, Spirulina, Nori, Brown Algae, Caffeine (vector), Nicotinic acid.

Instructions: this product is intended for treatment room use. Apply a small amount of gel onto the problematic area, wrap in film for 15-20 min. Remove excess with a wet wipe after the procedure is completed.

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