Затоплящо масло за масаж на тялото Cellu Fix Oil

for cosmetic salons: (10410) 1000 ml

Cellu Fix Oil - Oil for body massage with heat effect

Effect: the oil is intended for professional massage. The oils added exert a heating effect. It speeds up fat, toxins and excessive water extrusion and reduces cellulite. It activates local blood flow, stimulates lipolysis, reduces the thickness and volume of the fat deposits, assists thickening and increases the elasticity of skin tissues. It helps contour the body and tighten it. It has a relaxing and an aromatic effect. (Contains aphrodisiacs).

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Camphor oil, Citronella oil, Rosemary oil, Burdock oil, Lavender oil.

Instructions: use a small amount of oil for massage. It exerts a heating effect and may cause reddening of the skin.

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