пилинг азелаинов

50 мл

Peeling Azelaic System Plus

The most active anti-inflammation peeling in the ONmacabim collection, for oily, porous acne-prone skin with hypersensitivity, suitable for ALL-SEASON use.

Contains: azelaic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid. Total acid content 22%, pH 2.7

A reminder of the broad spectrum of action of azelaic acid.

 Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect on antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi. Microorganisms do not develop resistance to azelaic acid itself even after prolonged exposure.

 Binds free radicals, creating an antioxidant effect. Removes hyperkeratosis of the entrance of the sebaceous gland follicle, freeing passages for circulation, normalizes the rate of sebum secretion. Effective for Papulopustular rosacea. Reduces the quantity of inflammatory elements, improves skin conditions. Inhibits the tyrosinase ferment, reduces hyperpigmentation and corrects post-inflammatory effects.

In the professional protocol, the peeling is applied after the stages of Cleansing, Deep cleansing, and Degreasing.

Peeling exposure: 5-10 minutes. 

Does not require neutralization, can be rinsed off with water or can be followed immediately by a mask according to skin type. Applying SPF is mandatory in the period of active sun exposure. A course consists of 5-10 treatments (or more until the desired result is achieved) once a week.