Cleansing product for problematic skin Booster Commodons

 50 мл

Cleansing product for problematic skin Booster Commodons

ONmacabim laboratory presents its new product for the improvement of cleansing indicators of skin with multiple irritations: stimulates the opening up of pores, deactivates organic substances (proteins, blood, pus) released when opening and removing inflammatory elements, suppresses disease-inducing microorganisms, maintains a healthy balance of microbiota, restores barrier functions, normalizes sebum production.

A delicate antiseptic booster for hydration. Does not cause unpleasant sensations, does not have an irritating effect on vessels and hypersensitive skin, with a mild neutral scent.

Exclusive formula by ONmacabim: urea peroxidу, salicylic acid, benzoic acid 4-Terpineol, white willow extract.


1 Hydration stage in combination with Oxygen Hyaluronate hydrating mask. Apply 1 ml of the booster to the skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and without rinsing, apply the mask under foil for 10 minutes. Proceed to cleansing.

2 In combination with DM Warming gel for hydration in patients with 2-3 stage acne. The 2 products intensively compliment each other.

3Booster at the stage of applying a mask to boost antibacterial effects, e.g. DM Mask for prevention of acne. Add 0.5 ml booster to 1 ml base.

4Anti-inflammatory treatment for skin with multiple inflammations. Apply 1 ml booster before the final cream.

 For professional use only