50 мл

Azelaic Booster System Plus

Active ingredient – azelaic acid 40%, pH 1.7.

Effective for: Hypersensitive oily skin with an active form of acne. Papulopustular stage of rosacea, enhances the antibacterial, antioxidant, brightening, and vasoprotective effect of other products. A mild keratolytic agent, does not cause significant flaking, does not create unpleasant sensations or erythema in application. Easy to control. Does not require neutralization, can be rinsed off with water or can be followed immediately by a mask according to skin type. Non-toxic, suitable for teenagers, pregnant clients. Has a pronounced brightening effect. G entle toward  weakened blood vessels (vasoprotective effect) 

Application: As a booster for masks. 0.2 ml booster per 1 ml mask.

Can be actively combined at the stage of exfoliation. 0.2 ml booster per 1 ml PR Reform Peeling-Parsley or Oxygen Peeling Gel AHA.

As a booster in combination with other chemical peelings from the PMT, CLA, and System Plus lines.

Adding the booster in products for at-home skincare comprises a pre-peeling preparation and serves as anti-inflammatory agent.